The Poor shall Eat

The Poor shall Eat is a work of the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Free download sheet music and score "The Poor shall Eat" as pdf file use the link on this page.

Instrumentation Voices: soprano, alto, tenor, bass + mixed chorus (SATB)
Orchestra: 2 oboes, trumpet, strings, continuo
Language German
Key E minor
Movements 14 movements
  • Prima parte
  1. Chorus: Die Elenden sollen essen, daß sie satt werden (E minor)
  2. Recitativo (bass): Was hilft des Purpurs Majestät (B minor-E minor)
  3. Aria (tenor): Mein Jesus soll mein alles sein (G major)
  4. Recitativo (tenor): Gott stürzet und erhöhet (A minor-C major)
  5. Aria (soprano): Ich nehme mein Leiden (A minor)
  6. Recitativo (soprano): Indes schenkt Gott ein gut Gewissen (G major)
  7. Chorale: Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan (G major)
  • Seconda parte
8. Sinfonia (G major)
9. Recitativo (alto): Nur eines kränkt (E minor-G major)
10. Aria (alto): Jesus macht mich geistlich reich (E minor)
11. Recitativo (bass): Wer nur in Jesu bleibt (D major-C major)
12. Aria (bass): Mein Herze glaubt und liebt (C major)
13. Recitativo (tenor): O Armut, der kein Reichtum gleicht! (A minor-G major)
14. Chorale: Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan (G major)
Average Duration 40 minutes
Piece Style Baroque
Composer Time Period Baroque
Opus (Catalogue Number) BWV 75, BC A 94
Year of Creation 1723
Year of First Publication

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